Self-care, prevention and wellness

Physicians can monitor patient data remotely on Tabebe.

AI healthcare

Better connected data

Triage and diagnosis

Online symptom checkers/e-triage tools to improve access to healthcare by letting patients check common pathologies typically addressed in primary care and providing information on related symptoms.

Clinical decision support

Retrieve relevant medical knowledge for each patient and present it in a structured way that can help the physicians decide on the best treatment option.

Chronic care management

help patients (as well as relatives and caregivers) to manage their chronic disease on a day-to-day basis and potentially remain independent and stay at home longer.

Virtual Health Agent Platform

Autonomic task management using conversational AI to manage operational and administrative hospital processes.

Care delivery

Personal monitoring and alert systems for use at home can help elderly people stay in their familiar environment for as long as possible.

  • Virtual-nurse systems
  • Monitoring vital signs and symptoms
  • Medication and healthy habits

Medical Records

Collect, store, and trace data to provide faster, more consistent access.

Treatment Design

Help select the correct, individually customized treatment path.

Digital Consultation

Based on personal medical history and common medical knowledge.

Virtual Nurses

Using machine learning to support patients with chronic illnesses.


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